Day Curtains

Day curtains are lightweight and sheer in fabric as compared to night curtains. The main purpose of a day curtain is to allow natural sunlight to shine through, but yet preserving privacy control during the day. Day curtains comes in materials such as organza or lace. The material specially allows home owners to their spectacular views, but prevents outsiders from looking in. They provide the subtle ambient light that during the day time, and reduces the glare and intensity of direct sunlight by diffusing it.

Night Curtains

Night curtains are made with opaque fabric to ensure optimum privacy and light control. At Art Living, we offer night curtains in three distinct categories:


Made of a single layer of opaque fabric, normal night curtains blocks out 50-80% of the sunlight and offers full privacy when drawn.

Dim Out

Made of triple layers with a black layer of fabric in between, dim-out curtains blocks out around 90% of sunlight. They are more affordable and require lesser maintenance as compared to 100% blackout curtains.

100% BlackOut

Blackout curtains block off 100% of sunlight. They are highly recommended for people who suffer from insomnia and infants/young children to encourage good sleeping habits. Blackout curtains are also used for home theatre systems.

Curtain Valances

Curtain valances, sometimes called fabric pelmet, or scallop, are not only beautiful decorative accents, they also help to hide the unattractive curtain tracks. We offer wide range of valance patterns and design, crafting them with our in-house dedicated sewer specializing in the valance to ensure finest workmanship.

Motorized Curtains

We offer motorized curtains for the ultimate convenience and luxury. With just a touch, you can conveniently position your curtains without having to get up from where you are. Motorization is highly recommended for large, high up or hard to reach windows. We carry most of the famous brand like SOMFY from France, TOSO from Japan, Lutron from USA. We are SOMFY approved SOMFY expert and provide 5 years warranty for SOMFY motors