Roller Blinds

Roller Binds make use of a pulley like roller system that controls the up and down vertical movement of fabric. This movement is usually operated by either a chain or wirelessly through a remote. As roller blind’s pulley system is heavily used on daily bases, the quality of roller blind’s mechanism is actually more important than the fabric which customer can choose by themselves. At Art Living, we provide best-in-class quality of roller blind mechanism and gives 5 years warranty for all roller blind mechanism without additional charge.

Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow blinds, also known as Shadow blinds, make your window look unique by combining both horizontal and roller blinds functions into a single blind. Not only is it easy to control, the sheer material creates a soft look in your room, and lighten up the atmosphere. Rainbow blinds offers privacy and sunlight control in an innovative format. Choose from the many different colors and styles available to suit your home decor!

As the rainbow blind operate similarly like the standard roller blinds, the quality of its mechanism is essential for improved lifespan. At Art Living, we provide best-in-class quality of rainbow blind mechanism and gives 5 years warranty for all rainbow blind mechanism without additional charge.

Roman Blinds

A timeless look, Roman blinds remained suitable across decades of changing fabric styles and compositions. Roman blinds are made of symmetrical folds using a curtain fabric. They can be neat and elegant depending on the fabric chosen.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds, also called wooden blind or venetian blind, comes with various material, including natural wood, plywood, and PVC simulated wood. PVC venetian blind look very similar to real wooden blind with improved water resistant functionality, they are perfect to use in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

As wooden/PVC venetian blinds material is relatively heavy, the quality of pulley mechanism is crucial in determining its lifespan. At Art Living, we provide best-in-class quality of wooden/PVC venetian blind mechanism and gives 5 years warranty for wooden/PVC venetian blind mechanism without additional charge.

Unislat Blinds

Unislat give you total light control with either sheer or room darkening fabrics. Similar to the standard vertical blinds, Unislat are a perfect companion for sliding glass doors and large and tall windows, providing an elegance look to either home or office.

Panel Blinds

Panel track blinds offer a simple and stylish solution for patio doors, sliding glass doors or large windows. They are also known as sliding window panels or panel tracks. Panel blinds cover a large window using fewer panels than the commonly used vertical blinds, and also contribute to a clean and uniform appearance.

Bamboo Blinds

Made of real bamboo and that makes bamboo blinds extremely durable and moisture-resistant. They are highly versatile, and complement any room and outdoor areas. Bamboo brings a touch of the outdoors inside and add textural interest to any room. It is often considered chic and creates a relaxed beach vibe.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for covering the windows in all sorts of living spaces, regardless of whether they’re part of a commercial environment, or a place of residency. They are multifunctional and relatively cost-effective.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Roller Shades are specialized outdoor coverings that can be installed in balconies or patios to protect outdoor furnishing from rain. These high quality fabrics come with stainless steel wind guides so to withstand anything the local climate can throw at them.

Motorized Blinds

With motorized blinds and shades, you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep-in on the weekends or watch a movie in your living room without the need to disturb your comfort to block the sunlight and keep the room in darkness.

This ultra-convenient solution is available with a variety of different fabrics and designs, adding a whole new level of control to your home, your office or any other interior.